Tired of Spending Hours Thinking of Social Media Posts?

MoreSoForâ„¢ Social Media is for Business Owners Like You!

We Have a Lot of Benefits

  • Industry-specific content that requires minimal work from you
  • Expand your reach on social media without having to spend hours coming up with content every week
  • Scale your business with affordable marketing that works
  • Just $29 a month, which can be canceled at any time
  • Get access to a full-service marketing agency that is ready to provide additional marketing support such as graphic design, full social media management, website development, SEO, paid advertising, and more

Why MorSoFor?

MorSoFor was created to help entrepreneurs scale their business in the most affordable way possible. In the beginning stages of business, we ofter think that we can wear all of the hats and do all of the things, and while we can, it’s not always the best use of our time. Social media is one of the things that we often take on ourselves in order to reduce cost but we find ourselves spending hours a week coming up with content only to find out that no one engaged with our posts. It’s likely because marketing isn’t your forte. And that’s okay! Unless you’re in the marketing business – it doesn’t have to be! That’s where we come in. We provide engaging social media posts that need minimal work from you. Fill-in-the-blanks, edit the content to best match your business, and you’re on your way to effective social media marketing.

How It Works

By clicking below, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information or PayPal email. 30 new social media captions will be delivered to your inbox every 28 days. You may cancel at any time, although we’re sure you won’t want to! If you have any questions please email us at info@morsofor.com. Happy posting!

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